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Worldly Eyes

 When our youngest daughter was baptised in London we were asked to answer a question: Do you, with God’s help, undertake not to hinder your children should they feel called to serve God in a far-away place?

In a world where we are continually under pressure to conform to a moral-less society it can seem like we are ‘the only ones’. We get the sense that everyone around us has little care for our creator God and His design for our lives. Whilst sadly this is a truth that often burdens me and there is evidently a great need for evangelism I think there is also so much comfort in witnessing how big God’s church is and in the knowledge that actually we are not alone here – we are not ‘the only ones’.

The family of believers the world over is huge. We can go to NZ and be a part of a church family that love and admire our God of beauty. London calls and there too are an amazing band of warriors for the King. Travel out to the heart of Texas and you’ll find there another group going out into the world as shining lights.

So it’s a contrast. Whilst there is still so much kingdom work to be done to build Christs church, it is also comforting that world wide there is a massive network of believers, of family members, of saints who all live and breath the word of God.

God is amazingly evident in the beauty of creation but He is even more so present in the pinnacle of His creation, His people. If you are blessed with the opportunity to travel, the people you meet will shape your travels and as you pass through churches the evidence of God at work will strengthen you as carry on in your task to call others to Him.  Theres something amazing and soul warming about grasping the opportunity to serve in Gods global church.

I do hope my children grow up to have a global perspective. I am happy to live up to the call we answered at our daughters baptism. If God calls any of our children to serve somewhere other then here at home they will have our blessing. Our children are still young so until such time as they need to make those decisions we will continue to try equip them so when the time does come they can make those plans prayerfully and with the question of Gods calling for them in mind – ahead of the earthly lures – something we need to be vigilent in regardless of where we find ourselves.

Go therefore … Matthew 28:19a