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Ps 103:19: The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. (NIV)


Some recent ponderings have given me cause to reflect and acknowledge that God has shaped me, and caused things to be different in my mind and heart.

I have read or heard this verse from Ps 103 many times, and it has always given me the sense that our awesome God is in control of all things. He rules over everything, as the absolute decision maker. It speaks of his providence, his justice, his eternal planning, and his power.

But listening to a recent court decision, I heard the word “overrule”. Hmmm, overrule! Someone has the power to rule over someone or something. This was an appeal to a higher court, and the decision was to “overrule” the lower court. That decision is no longer, it doesn’t count, it has no weight, no validity.

To rule over is the same as to overrule. God, the king of the kingdom, rules over everything in his kingdom, so he overrules!

He overrules many times, over many things. You might think that something is fixed in place, but God overrules. Is your situation helpless? God can overrule! Your plans to have a happy holiday are interrupted, God has overruled. Are you struck by addiction, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, stress, etc, etc, God can overrule.

Many people have experienced this overruling of God. Abraham was looking for a wife for his son Isaac, and organised for a “non-local” to be brought. But Rebekah and her family brought him lots of grief. The impact on Abraham’s family lasted for many generations. The family experienced much deception and trickery. Rebekah lied about hiding the idols. She tricked Isaac to give Jacob the blessing. Her brother Laban tricked Jacob by giving the wrong daughter in marriage, and getting 7 more years labour out of him. Jacobs’ sons lied to him when they sold Joseph to Egypt. Judah covered up the truth in a sordid encounter with his daughter in law. God’s house was on a downhill spiral, a family legacy of deceit and lies.

But God overruled. Joseph’s clear purpose in life was to rescue the family. He didn’t understand this for most of his life, but would have had clarity as soon as he saw his brothers come to Egypt, to ask him for food.

What of David or Jonah, or Saul, or Peter? Their lives were destined for destruction, but God overruled!
And how is it for you? Has God ruled over your life? Does he had a profound impact on you, and on everything you do?

If you can’t say God has overruled you, then you must break from that which does rule over you, and learn to place your trust in him. Allow God to change your heart. It’s a matter of life and death. Without allowing God to overrule your life, you are keeping yourself fixed in your sin, stuck in your life of slavery. Something else is ruling you!

And what is it that controls you? Are you abusive, prone to violence, too much alcohol, an overeater, greedy, a manipulator, or leading an extravagant or worldly life? Allow God into your heart. He who said “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of …. the house of slavery.” He has overruled our slavery to sin. He has rescued us from what we thought was inevitable.

So, if you are caught in a negative thought cycle, or tempted by a particular sin, pray to God to overrule you. Pray for Him to rule over you.

And His overrule will bring you peace, now and eternally.