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I’ve just finished reading Reuben Bredenhof’s new book Hallowed, Echoes of the Psalms in the Lord’s Prayer, and I thought it was great! Reuben Bredenhof is pastor of the Free Reformed Church in Mount Nasura. Some of us may have heard him preach in Melville on occasions and I think he delivers in a sincere, easy listening yet insightful and self reflective manner. I would say the same for his book Hallowed.

This fairly short book is an easy read but insightful for everyone whether a new Christian or if you’re looking for a refresh on your prayers. I’m sure it would also work as a book to read with your kids (maybe 8 years old and up). While this book focuses on the Lords Prayer, it is a model for all our prayers. After all, the Lords Prayer was the short, six petitioned prayer Jesus gave his disciples in response to their request “teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). In his book Bredenhof recognises that as a sinner’s prayer does not come naturally and nor does ‘praying without ceasing’ as we are taught to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, yet he tells us prayer is essential to our spiritual health as breathing is to our physical health.

He introduces his book by explaining that Jesus knew and loved the psalms and that the Lord’s Prayer is an echo of how Gods people have called on Him through the Psalms for millennia. Bredenhof works through the Lords Prayer, tying in the psalms, which experience their highs and lows, sins and joys. It constantly reminded me that the God of the Old Testament is our God now and that the Lord’s Prayer involves the burdens and joys of the Psalms. Reflection/ discussion questions at the end of each chapter help you dig into your own prayer life, learning how to hallow God’s name in prayer and all of life.

Hallowed is available at ProEcclesia bookshop in Armadale or online. Reuben has one other recently published book called Wise: Living by the Ancient Commandments and Proverbs which looks great too, but I promise I won’t do a book review on it.