Southern Districts Senior Citizens Centre
1 Jemerson St, Willagee (Cnr of North Lake Rd and Archibald St)
9:30am and 4:00pm every Sunday

We warmly welcome anyone to come and attend one of our worship services and meet some of our church members. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our ushering team, who will assist you to find seating and ensure you have everything you need.

Our services are centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We listen to the Law of God in the 10 Commandments, sing Psalms and Hymns, speak to God in prayer, read from the Bible and listen to it explained to us through preaching.

What do I wear?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable! Our members wear anything from casual clothing to business and formal attire. It is a personal preference how best to dress respectfully and show honour to God.

What do I bring?

Nothing! We will provide you with everything you need, including a Bible and Psalm book. You may, of course, bring your own Bible, if you prefer.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 10 minutes before the service. For service times and location, see our FRC Melville location page.

What happens in a worship service?

Just prior to the service, an elder will stand at the front and give a short welcome address, as well as any congregational news or announcements. Then there will be a short moment of quiet reflection and mental preparation. The minister opens the service by asking the congregation to stand as he reads out a biblical greeting from God. We respond by singing a Psalm of praise and are seated. The law of God is then read out, to remind us of our sinfulness and need for the saving work of Jesus Christ. Following more singing, the minister will lead the congregation in a prayer to God, after which we read passages from the Bible. The core of the worship service is the sermon, in which the message of scripture and its practical application is explained. After this, the congregation engages in more singing and prayer before concluding the service.

Will I be asked to give money?

We consider you a guest and we don’t expect you to give. Our members give voluntarily during the service, as we all believe that giving to support God’s kingdom work is the Biblical thing to do.

How long is a typical service?

Our services usually last just over an hour.

What if I have questions about the service?

After each service, members gather outside to socialise. If you haven’t already been approached by a member, our ushers will come find you and happily answer any questions you may have.

Where can I take my children?

We do provide crèche facilities for young children, if you require.

Wheelchair access?

Yes. There is also a disabled parking bay directly outside the front entrance to the building.

You can always contact us if you have more questions!