Southern Districts Senior Citizens Centre
1 Jemerson St, Willagee (Cnr of North Lake Rd and Archibald St)
9:30am and 4:00pm every Sunday

FRC Melville, in conjunction with our sister Free Reformed churches, currently support several international mission projects and associations.

Mission Lae in Papua New Guinea
FRC Melville directly supports mission work carried out in Lae, PNG under the guidance of the Mission Board of FRC Armadale. Currently there are 2 missionary families living and working in Lae, support by one family as support workers.

Reformed Churches of Indonesia
FRC Melville directly supports mission work carried out in Sumba and Java, Indonesia, under the guidance of the Reformed Churches of Indonesia.

Children of Light
Supports God’s Covenant Children in Sumba and Sabu with education and accommodation in Christian homes and boarding homes.
Children of Light was formed in 1999 as a result from a direct appeal for help from Free Reformed Indonesian Churches. Their concerns were regarding their children being placed in non-Christian homes closer to their school and not attending school due to poverty. Children of Light has sought to combat these issues by providing placements for school-aged children in Christian families or boarding-homes where they receive Biblical Instruction and health assistance.

Australian Free Reformed Relief Foundation
The aim of the foundation is to give Christian charity to any area in the world that is in need of such. This aim is based on the conviction that all that we possess is entrusted to us by God and we should be good stewards of it also to the benefit of our neighbour. From the Bible we learn that we should show generosity, charity, mercy and kindness to the poor, to thereby show our thankfulness for the great salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.