Southern Districts Senior Citizens Centre
1 Jemerson St, Willagee (Cnr of North Lake Rd and Archibald St)
9:30am and 4:00pm every Sunday

We contribute to key church ministries, which provide support for the Free Reformed community in Australia.

Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary
The Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary (CRTS) is a Christian institute of theology established by and accountable to the federation of Canadian Reformed Churches. Its primary purpose is to train students to serve as effective ministers of the Gospel.
A secondary purpose is to produce scholarly and popular resources which will serve God’s people throughout the world.

Free Reformed Churches of Australia Deputies for the Training of Ministry
We provide financial support for members from our church federation entering into training for the ministry.

Emeritus Fund
The Emeritus Fund is a voluntary cooperative savings fund established by the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA) in 1987 to provide financial assistance to the individual member churches so that they are better equipped to fulfil their responsibilities with respect to the support of their ministers and missionaries as prescribed by Article 13 of the Church Order of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.

Christian Counselling Support Association
The aim of the CCSA is to arrange and assist in providing (as a priority to members of the FRCA):
– A bank of information and resources focussed on providing background in areas of importance to modern Christian living including facilitation of training/information sessions addressing such topics;
– Direction and support in areas relating to self, human relationships and coping with demands of living with a view to promoting positive Christian wellbeing;
– Professional support and counselling to people who carry (or care for those who carry) difficulties and troubles, relating to self, human relationships, demands of living and/or mental illness in an endeavour to be healed from a state of ill being;

This association assists those with special needs within the Free Reformed community. Appropriate carers, facilities and learning is provided to cater for each individual’s needs.

Fair Haven
Fair Haven is the retirement home for members of the Free Reformed Church.
Fairhaven was opened in 1985 with a flat and accommodation for five residents. In 1995 the Jacaranda wing was added, followed by the Jasmine wing in 1998 and most recently the Protea wing in 2002. Fairhaven is now a 23 bed hostel. In addition to the rooms there is also a kitchen, a laundry, a library/lounge, a dining/meeting room, offices, and a hairdressing facility.