Listening to Sermons

CONTRIBUTED BY BRONYA MULDER We have high expectations of the sermons we hear. Most I think would admit that we are looking for profound insights, new information, and life-changing application. Sometimes sermons deliver this, and that’s fantastic. But such expectations, week on week, are not realistic. In fact, I’d argue they are not appropriate, since…

Sunday Pre-Reading

On Sunday morning (19th June) we will be looking at Genesis 12:10-20. Why not familiarise yourself with the text before Sunday. We will be hear how God calls Abram to live in faith, even when he faces many struggles. Look forward to joining you for worship on Sunday morning.

The art of listening … to a sermon

In most home-visits the subject of the preaching will be discussed. In fact, if it isn’t, you should be holding your elder to account! Typically a good part of this discussion will revolve around the preacher – his style, strengths and weaknesses. But what about the listener? How good are we at listening to sermons?…